40 Day Retreat Courses

People are essentially extremely beautiful, they are a hidden treasure; this hidden treasure is there to be discovered by each person – the hidden treasure within themselves. That discovery is completely transforming…
Peter Young, Principal at Chisholme 1987–2015

Knowing your self ~ Loving the other ~ Serving life itself

Who are you really? How can you really know what it means to be human? These fully immersive forty-day retreats allow you the chance to uncover answers to the universal questions that existence poses. It will be an exploration of your self, of your very being, and of the nature of your relationships with others and the world. Clearly you owe your life to what the world gives you – but is the world offering you more than you are yet able to receive? And what should you do, what do you owe in return?

The inquiry you will engage in is based on a deceptively simple premise, the premise that there is a unity to all existence.

Uniquely, Chisholme is a school without teachers. There are facilitators who will guide you but they will not tell you what to believe: what's right or what's wrong. The course is based on a balanced programme of four elements: group study, meditation, work and devotional practice.

The study is based around six themes:

  1. Beginning at the Beginning
  2. The One and the Many: Being and Consciousness
  3. The Human Reality and Experience
  4. Relationships
  5. The Way
  6. Love and Beauty

The works of masters from various wisdom traditions, such as Ibn 'Arabi, Meister Eckhart and Lao Tsu, as well as more contemporary contemplatives including Einstein and Adyashanti are included in the study material.

Two periods of meditation each day - morning and evening - will be either silent or guided mindfulness meditations. The guided sessions will be led by trained mindfulness practitioners. During work periods you might be cooking, helping to prepare for meals, working in the organic garden or around the woodland, or cleaning and preparing rooms for guests. These sessions are time for digestion and integration of what has been explored during study, conversation and meditation. Whatever activities you are engaged in, work is an integral part of this retreat where opportunities for service can be fully experienced in the contemplative environment of the house and estate.

Group devotional practice in the evenings consists in the invocation of names of the one and all-inclusive reality. This is called zikr (remembrance), where from the perspective of unity, our individual participation is a part of the whole. Other evenings will be spent in silent contemplation with fellow students with a time afterwards to share insights and questions.

Date of the next 40 Day Retreat Course:
16 October to 26 November 2017

£1400; deposit £200

Closing date for applications: 15 September 2017


Funds are available for one bursary covering up to 90% of the fee. If you wish to apply for this please complete the Bursary section on the Application Form, or email secretary@chisholme.org

If for whatever reason you have to leave a course early you will be reimbursed at £28 per day not used.
If for any reason a retreat is cancelled your deposit will be refunded in full. Confirmation that the course is running will be sent to you very shortly after the closing date for applications.

Applications: -- Download OCTOBER 2017 Application Form

You are also welcome to email secretary@chisholme.org if you would like any further information.

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It's about becoming more
who I really am

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…these texts show me
my narrow perspective,
because what you read
is so all-encompassing;
study untangled my small world!