Dedicated to the art of self discovery

Life is a wonder and a mystery
Unravel the mystery, deepen the wonder

The Chisholme Institute is for those who seek to know themselves essentially and to understand the reality of the world in which they live. The education offered here is rooted in the principle of unity central to all wisdom traditions.

Since 1975, when the first long retreat course was held at Chisholme, this has been a place of learning, exploration and contemplation. We offer a wide range of courses and retreats, from weekend retreats to courses in woodland yurts and intensive winter retreats.

Chisholme is located on a beautiful estate in the Scottish Borders. The estate includes an extensive organic garden. The garden provides bountiful produce for the kitchen which itself plays a central role in the education. The main house looks out over glorious landscaped grounds. Woods of native trees encircle the estate. Beyond the estate lie the rolling Border hills waiting to be explored.

Come, see, enquire or simply enjoy a peaceful walk.