Dedicated to the art of self discovery

The most beautiful learning and the greatest is to know yourself
Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215)

The guiding principle at Chisholme is the essential Unity of all Existence. This wholly inclusive perspective is the basis of all great wisdom traditions and lies at the heart of all that happens in the school.

The education at Chisholme is of particular relevance today, for those who are motivated by a strong desire to know themselves according to this one essential reality, and be in service to this reality in themselves and in the world.

Located on a beautiful 187-acre estate in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders, Chisholme offers both the context and the support for such self-discovery. The main house looks out over glorious landscaped grounds, and woods of native trees encircle the estate.

The ongoing programme includes text-based study retreats, immersive courses living close to nature, and the longer intensive Discovering Unity retreats during the winter months.

Volunteers from around the world make a huge contribution to the life of the place, and visitors are welcome throughout the year to get a taste of what Chisholme can offer.








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40-day Intensive Course

15 October – 23 November, 2018
Applications now open
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Sat 14th July 2018 19:00 to
Sat 21st July 2018 00:00

Come volunteer in the Summer sun, with study and meditation available


Fri 20th July 2018 19:00 to
Sun 22nd July 2018 14:00

Why is recognising the unity of all existence important?