To the best of my knowledge, there is not any really comparable non-denominational, non-sectarian centre for integrated spiritual studies open to students of all backgrounds...
Professor James W. Morris, Dept. of Theology, Boston College, USA

Study at Chisholme - a unique approach

Come to Chisholme to study but to study in a way you won’t find elsewhere. There are no teachers at Chisholme and study is not confined to the study room.

Self knowledge is a process of uncovering, realising, and awakening to what is innate in all of us. This journey is for anyone who questions their reality, their place and purpose in this life. Since no one can teach another person their inner reality, the role of the staff at Chisholme is to guide and support, to advise and encourage, not to instruct or tell. The responsibility for self discovery remains firmly with the student.

The integration of all aspects of this exploration is the hallmark of the education at Chisholme. Learning takes place throughout the day whether in group study or during private contemplation, while preparing food or welcoming guests.

The four elements which together constitute the education here are outlined below:


We study a carefully selected range of texts from the major wisdom traditions. Their common thread is that they help unlock and deepen the journey of self discovery. Study involves the reading and in-depth group exploration of the ideas and insights students themselves experience. Read more...