Poetics of Science: Through Itself

Friday, 23rd June, 2017 18:00
Sunday, 25th June, 2017 16:30


The compelling idea that inspired 'The Poetics of Science' seminars is inspiration itself. Inspiration is an inexhaustible source through which the human reality can be directly known, be it through the science of the physical universe explored as an object, or through the embodied discovery of the hidden, interior realm of the heart.

The Uses of Attention in the Lives and Works of the Death-Cell Philosophers
~ with Martha Cass

The Story of Trafika Europe
~ with Andrew Singer

What is Phenomenology?
~ with Huw Gault

The Implicate Order of Music
~ with James Wyness

Strangers Talk; Friends Listen
~ with Christina Mark

Sense, Vision, Insight, Form: a poetry workshop
~ with Andrew Singer

Along the Shores of Bewilderment
~ with Mark Boston

Friday Night Show ~ with Paul Finegan and Anthony Mulligan

Saturday Night Concert ~ with James Wyness and guest musicians

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