Discovering Unity: introductory weekend

Friday, 25th May, 2018 19:00
Sunday, 27th May, 2018 14:00

How to pay: We will write to arrange payment with you once we have confirmed your place on this course. Please let us know your preferred method of payment by ticking one of the choices below.
Course fees are kept to an absolute minimum – please, if you would like, add a donation towards our scholarship fund, which supports students and visitors on low income.

You will be amazed how far and how deep you can travel in just two days.
Chisholme is a beautiful place to spend a little time, if you want to find a new direction to your life, or simply need some quiet time away from it all.

This short retreat offers a taste of what it means to understand your ‘self’ from a point of unity.

The understanding that all is essentially one is to be found in many traditions. We may discover this in a text from The Tao with its wisdoms from the China of 2500 years ago, in the sermons of Meister Eckhart or in studying the poetry of his contemporary, the Persian Rumi. From about the same time, the writings of Ibn Arabi, known as ‘the greatest teacher’ within Sufism, offer exceptional insights that might be investigated.

Study of wisdom texts is balanced with short periods of work and meditation: these are an integral part of the education offered here.

The work periods will involve you in the kitchen, the organic gardens and the wider estate. You will also have many opportunities to enjoy the fine food Chisholme is well known for.

The course can also serve as a preparation for those who are considering a deeper immersion in the education offered at Chisholme.

“I have had a weekend of true communication.”

"What was interesting? Finally hearing ‘put into words’ what I have been feeling in my heart for so long and hearing my own voice saying things I didn’t expect.”

Accommodation and Timing
The course is fully residential and starts at supper time (7pm) on Friday evening and runs until Sunday after lunch (about 2pm).

Shared accommodation (double or triple bedroom) £110
Single room accommodation (when available) £160
This includes accommodation and all meals.
Please pay a non-refundable deposit of £30 when booking. The balance can be paid once at Chisholme. when you arrive.

Note on course fees: There are no standard concessions offered because the fees have already been kept low. However, we do want the courses to be available for people on low incomes, so if the fee is a genuine difficulty for you then perhaps we can help.

Practical information about staying at Chisholme, click here..

Book online at the top of the page or email Tel +44 (0)1450 880215

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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"Perhaps it’s time to (re)read Jung." writes Gwendolen Dupré for The European Strategist, an internet publication and research circle.


A great and much-loved man has left us. Shane Wakil Jagger passed away on 14 June having lived at Chisholme for 34 years.